SNP Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask 25ml 1pcs

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Mask pack energizes dry skin fatigued from the external environment and maintains skin balance for bright and soft skin. Contains 30mg Black pearl extract and whitening agent niacinamide to supply moisture, tone, and clarify skin.

Charcoal sheet
- Black Mask Sheet contains high quality charcoal made from oak. Porous charcoal attaches to skin wastes or sebum to clarify skin, and it also contains high levels of minerals to improve the absorption of ampule.


Black pearl extract (30mg): The legendary beauties Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, and the Royal Women of Moghul are known to have used black pearl, and according to the medicine books of the Orient, it is known to contain over 20 different types of minerals, amino acid, calcium and various bioactive substances. It is also water soluble and keeps skin subacid to improve immunity. It softens skin and provides Iuster and cleanses for clear and clean skin

Black bean extract: Black bean extract helps regenerate skin cells, provides anti - oxidant effect, and Promotes metabolism. It contains agents similar to Collagen which is beneficial to skin to give skin firming and skin generating effects. Flavonoid in beans aid anti - oxidant effect to prevent cell aging for beautiful skin

Rice extract: Extracted from the embryo bud of rice, it is a grain extract widely used in cosmetic products to remove wastes sink, firm and whiten skin. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and amino acid, proteins and dietary fibre for soft glowing skin

Chia seed extract: Chia seed can absorb water 10 times its own weight and it is rich in vitamins and proteins with outstanding anti - oxidant effects to suppress free radicals

Black sesame seed extract, blackberry extract, blueberry extract, acai palm fruit extract, eggplant extract: The skin of dark fruit contains anti - oxidants called “resveratrol”. Resveratrol is a substance developed by plants to protect themselves from molds or from invaders. It improves skin resilience and strenghtens the moisturizing barrier of skin to prevent skin from drying out

Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid exists between the collagen and elastin mesh, and it is a high polymer with the capacity to absorb and store moisture 1,000 greater than its own weight. Hyaluronic acid content drops with age. Hyaluronic acid combines with moisture to make skin soft and smooth.