Silcot Regular Puffs - 82 pads

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Made with plant-derived fiber (rayon) carefully selected from numerous wadding materials for a consistent soft, smooth texture. It allows maximum absorption and assists in the application of any liquid skincare products without becoming fuzzy. For those of you who want to use cotton puffs in many ways!

How to use:

  1. Apply milky lotion evenly all over the cotton puff. make sure the lotion is absorbed throughout the cotton puff as milky lotion is hard to spread around.
  2. Press the milky lotion on to the cheeks, jaw, forehead and the tip of nose, and pat around evenly. applying milky lotion at five points in advance helps even patting. as if to press your face gently with a cotton puff
  3. Pat around eyes, mouth and the wings of the nose. holding a cotton puff over one finger makes it easy to press lotion into small places.
  4. Two-hand press down. hand pressing gets the milky lotion left on the surface penetrate deep and evenly.