Shiro Waki Hime Tsubuporon Eye Essence 1.8ml

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Have you been looking in the mirror and noticing more white spots around your eyes? These spots are caused by your skin getting thinner and weaker at sensitive areas. As a result, oils from the skin are more likely to get stuck in the pores instead of being washed away from regular bathing. Tsubuporon for Eyes was developed precisely to fight these spots from forming, and to remove those already in place. Even if you have sensitive skin, Tsubuporon for Eyes can be applied to the area and treat these spots gently and effectively. Because sebum is secreted more easily near thin layers of skin like those around the eyes, these spots can form easily. Tsubuporon for Eyes carefully treats spotty skin by softening these spots and moisturizing the surrounding area, letting you get on with your busy day.