Pyunkang Yul Acne Cream 50ml

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Pyunkang Yul Acne Line is specialized acne care line, which is inherited from Pyunkang Oriental medicine clinic's 40-year philosophy and know-how.

Acne Cream is a gentle gel type textured cream which is easy to apply to the skin. The cream keeps excessive sebum control and fills the skin with moisture, striking the perfect water and oil balance. It also prevents bacterial invasion into pores and effectively soothes the skin, and therefore specifically targeting acne.

01. Prevention of bacterial invasion

- According to oriental medicine, tiger lily contains Matairesinol glucoside, which has outstanding antibacterial effects, protecting the skin from harmful bacteria found in the external environment. Used as a medicinal herb from ancient times in oriental medicine, asiatic knotweed root extratc contains such ingredients as hyperin and polygonin, reinforcing skin barriers and preventing bacteria from easily penetrating into pores.

02. Sebum control and skin alleviation

- Scutellaria baicalensis contained in Acne Cream has an ingredients named baicalin, curbing sebum generation and balancing oil and mosutr of skin afflicted with acne. Used as a medicinal herb to sooth the skin in oriental medicine, white willow contains salicylic acis(BHA) and tannin, alleviating while leaving the skin much cleaner.

03. Anti-inflammatory effects and skin regeneration

- Copper tripeptide in the Cream is a natural peptide, curing damaged pores and preventing bacteria in pores from creating inflammation. Nasturtium extract regenerates the skin exhausted by acne, returning damaged pores to their original healthy state.