Paskin Foaming Cleanser 100ml

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142 μm Foaming Cleanser
Wash Away External Burdens | Micro Technology Foam for Gentle Cleansing

142 μm Foaming Technology
The Paskin mousse mesh screen size is made up of 200 1-inch holes, which is equivalent to 78.7 holes in 1 cm, with the foam texture at about 142 micrometers.

142 μm Foaming Cleanser Product Features
Soap-free base / mildly acidic / sulfate-free foaming agent / fragrance-free / mild hypoallergenic non-irritant

Core formula for sensitive skin

  • High-standard mild cleansing system [amino acid surfactant + glucoside surfactant]
  • Two major mild cleansing ingredients: safe and non-irritating
  • Multiple moisturizing factors to repair and regulate and enhance skin defense
  • Dynamic water plant extract [Chondrus crispus extract] & [Cladosiphon Novae-Caledoniae polysaccharide ]
  • Rich in polysaccharide extracts to stimulate skin vitality and delay signs of aging

When to Use the Foaming Cleanser

  • Test subject: Suitable for gentle cleansing of all skin types; mild formula; can also be used on the delicate skin of babies.
  • Tips for use: Use after makeup has been removed or for morning/night cleaning routine. Gently apply to the face and massage with the fingertips, then wash with clean water. Helps maintain the balance of oil and water for thoroughly clean skin with zero burden.

Precise Composition
We combine maintenance and defense technology to develop key elements to combat external environmental factors.

Specially Designed for Asian Skin Types
Safe ingredients, high-level moisturizing and repair, oil control, refreshing

World’s First Skincare to Be Developed for Tropical and Subtropical Climates
Effectively regulate epidermal surface lipids, resolve and prevent problems at the root

Natural and Safe
No added fragrance, no alcohol, no animal-derived formula, no preservatives with parabens.