ON THE BODY Perfume Shower Body Wash Violet Dream

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Product Description

-LG Household & Healthy Care
-ON:THE BODY l Aromatic Body Styling
-ON:THE BODY l is pure and natural that revitalizes the skin.
-ON:THE BODY l is a product being developed as safe to use and having the ability to nourish the body in a natural way.
-ON:THE BODY l is guranteed to have a mystical and exotic feeling in a stylish fragrance.
-No.1 Korean best selling perfume body wash.
-The pleasant smell really make people can't help to fall in love with it. It is not just a normal body wash,
- it is work as a deodorant as well as a light perfume with it's long lasting scent. Wit h the moisturing essence, it is given the silky touch and mousturizing feel to your whole body.
-Leaves skin feel fresh and moisturized without stickiness.
-Nature Garden / Sweet Love / Happy Breeze
-Volume : 500ml
-Made in Korea.

• How to use:

1. Pour moderate amount on towel and create lather.
2. Massage all over body and rinse with water.