Nanowhite Eye Brightener 15ml

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Nanowhite Eye Brightener is a fragrance-free eye treatment gel. This eye gel enhances with Omega White-C that will lighten dark eye circles. It also contains organic herbs with excellent decongestant properties like Chamomile, Centella & Acti-Firm to boost the collagen & elastin, hence reducing puffiness, eye bags and even wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.*

• Fragrance-free treatment eye gel that lightens eye circles with much less puffiness*

• Contains herbs with excellent decongestant properties such as Chamomile, Centella and Acti Firm complex to boost skin’s collagen and elastin*

• Dramatically reduces fine-lines and wrinkles*

• Infused with nanotechnology, Omega White-C*

• Perfect for all skin types*



Nanowhite is the only skincare range with 'happy' endorphins. These endorphins prime the skin pores for better absorption and nanomolecules that are 1000x finer enable deeper penetration into your skin. What this means is that the powerful whitening ingredient, Omega White-C, can work faster and more effectively. With nano-happy skin, you'll get fairer much faster. And that's the truth.