Nanowhite D/A Whitening Gel-Cream 40ml

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This comprehensive, high-performance double action whitening gel-cream infused with Happy Dermology and nano technology is inspired by groundbreaking DNA research*

• Deliver double actions whitening for smoother and more moisturized skin*

• Minimises appearance of dark spots and brighten overall skin tone*

• Contains concentrated encapsulated Nanowhite Super Antioxidant™(Vitamin E & C)*

• Deliver maximum brightening effect and prevent oxidation for longer lasting fairer skin*

• Ultra-light, non-greasy and easily absorbed*

• Perfect for all skin types*



Nanowhite is the only skincare range with 'happy' endorphins. These endorphins prime the skin pores for better absorption and nanomolecules that are 1000x finer enable deeper penetration into your skin. What this means is that the powerful whitening ingredient, Omega White-C, can work faster and more effectively. With nano-happy skin, you'll get fairer much faster. And that's the truth.