Lux Luminique Acai Berry Straight Hair Non-Silicone Treatment 450g

Brand: Lux Luminique

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91% NATURAL derived ingredients for shampoo, 0% silicones, 0% parabens, and 0% artificial colorants.

Infused with Superfood – Acai Berry Extract, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Black Raspberry Extract, and Vitamin E, which help to repair damaged hair, reduce hair loss caused by tangled hair, give your hair healthier shine from within.

• Derived from superfood ingredient, naturally nourishing
• Non-silicone, non-drying, leaves your hair airy and shiny.
•  Nourishing- Refreshes and relaxes the scalp.
• Fragrant- Derived from close to a hundred different types of premium ingredients
• Fine- With creamy lather reduces friction and squeakiness that cause  further hair damage.
• Smooth - Formulated with Glycosides* to prevent tangling Experience smooth combing from root to tip
• Light/Airy Hair feels as light as air* Non-silicone, non-drying, leaves your hair airy and glowing
• Suitable for ALL HAIR TYPE
• Best for Damaged Hair