Lucido-L Designing Tube Hair Cream 150g [#Moist]

Brand: Lucido-L

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“Non-Sticky Hair Cream”

For a moisturized and well managed look. 

With UV protection formula. 
Product Features:
1. Contains penetrative hyaluronic acid Permeation-type hyaluronic acid captures moisture inside hair and ensures hair smooth and long-lasting moisturizing touch. 
2. Heat protection formula Moisturizing ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid) and a membrane of polymer coats surface of hair, and inhibit excessive moisture evaporation due to heat damages such as using a hair dryer. 
3. UV Protection Formula Ingredients integrally coats hair surface, protects hair from UV rays and prevents spilt ends and hair breakage. 
4. Light fresh fragrance (green floral scent) 
5. Non-sticky and able to run fingers through hair easily. 

Ingredients Permeation-type hyaluronic acid captures moisture inside hair.