Lucido-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment Oil 60ml

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The Secret of Shiny & Beautiful Hair

Contains Argan Oil

“Light as Feather” “Shiny Hair” “Silky Touch”

Suitable for All Hair Types 
Product Features:
1. Contains High Concentration Argan Oil This product contains Argan Oil which is processed with extremely high pressure equal to 10,000 meter deepness of sea to develop high concentration oil. Argan Oil is excellent in penetration (spread /blending) to hair. It is able to restore natural luster and shiny beautiful hair which is smooth and light as air without greasy feeling. 
2. Repairs Damaged Hair  Such as split end and hair breakage, leaving your hair sleek and smooth. 
3. Heat Protection Formula  Protects hair from ultraviolet rays, reduce the hair from damage & leave hair smoother and heathier.  
4. UV Protection Formula  Protects hair against the heat from hair dryer, curler & flat iron to avoid split ends and unruly hair.  
5. Gentle & Glamorous Floral Fragrance 
Ingredients - LUCIDO-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment Series contains Argan Oil which extracts from the kernels of the argan tree. Its high moisture retention capacity & hair treatment ingredient can protect the hair from damage. The texture of Argan Oil is lighter and non-greasy.