Lennox Firm Up+ Men 50ml x 16+4

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Get all the skin-beautifying ingredients in one bottle of Lennox Firm Up, which is a natural & potent beauty essence ad rich in synergistic food based ingredients like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, OPC (Grepe Seed Extract) & Vitamins for firmer and more radiant looking skin. The Aqueous Marine Collagen used in FirmUp is 100% water soluble with low molecular weight and excellent diegestibility. Unlike Conventional Collagen which has high molecular structure that will not easily dissolve completely and not well-absorbed by the body. Who is FirmUp for? For someone who desires to get noticeable improvement from their damaged skin to a firmer and bouncy looking skin. FirmUp is your ultimate choice of collagen drink.Low Molecule Collagen : Builds skin moisture shield, Promotes skin firmness, Elasticity and suppleness, Anti UV protection, Promotes the synthesis of the collagen, Protects the skin from the destructive actions of oxidization, Reduce formation of Wrinkles, Whitening, Skin Cell Renewal, Improve Make Up Application.