Kose Moisture Mild White Milky Lotion 160ml


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Skin care line that addresses the concerns of many women for a high quality mild formula that moisturizes all day. The Kose lab is continually researching and developing products to care for skin and to make women more beautiful.

Long lasting supple skin from accumulated moisture is achieved with moisturizing ingredients to alleviate skin that tends to have dry skin cycles due to loss of ability to maintain moisture in the outer skin layer. Moisture Mild will create a more resilient environment to retain moisture in skin.

Ingredients for extended moisturizing to maintain supple skin: Two types of collagen.
Moisture retaining ingredients: NHF, glycerin
Permeating moisturizer: AA micro hyaluronic acid

Soft gentle lotion locks moisture in to smooth and prepare skin.
Alcohol free, mineral oil free, fragrance free, color free