Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence 150ml

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Vibrant skin through the power of fermented Jeju soybean essence 

1. 91% fermented Jeju soybean solution gives skin energy and resilience 
The enriched gamma-PGA from fermented Jeju soybeans, grown at an elevation of 2,034 ft. on Mt. Halla, builds a tight and dense skin barrier to help your skin fight against environmental and natural damage. 

2. 6-in-1 rejuvenating skin care essence 
This essence removes impurities for smoother skin, provides your skin with elasticity and brightens and revitalizes your skin tone. 
Its 6 types of skincare functions strengthen your skin barrier and makes the skin healthier.



Formulated with naturally fermented collagen activators™ 

The natural fermentation factor™ from fermented soybeans rejuvenates skin to restore its natural resilience.