Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack #Bamboo

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What it is
1. Skin moisturizing and soothing care with bamboo ingredients (Containing 1,000ppm of bamboo extract) 
2. A texture that absorbs into the skin freshly and moistly 
3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skin
What else you need to know
1. A natural recipe made of ingredients sourced from nature 
2. Diverse types for each skin concern 

How to use
Apply the desired amount and gently spread onto the face at the cream step. Leave on overnight and wash it off next morning. 

*Capsule Recipe Pack now comes in a lighter and small tub for your convenience. 
The shape of the tub may become slightly deformed upon impact but it will still be safe to use. Refund may not be allowed for slight deformations after you receive the product, so please check before purchasing. 




#Bamboo -  A moisturising and soothing sleeping pack with bamboo extract (1,000ppm of bamboo extract).