IN2IT Gel Tint GT 02 Strawberry

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IN2IT Gel Tint for lip & cheek is a light weight, dual purpose tint that delivers an instant & natural glow to suit any skin tone. Waterproof, kiss-resistant and long wearing – CAN LAST UP 8 HOURS for the active lifestyle. This transparent gel glides on smoothly, layer beautifully directly over moisturized lips and cheeks. To give cheeks an “inner glow,” and a sexy pout.

IN2IT Gel Tint is one of makeup life’s longest wearing product. Most makeup wears off, oxidizes, and never really wears well throughout the day but you can always rely on this product to stay put until you removed with make-up remover. It blends easily due to its high water content formula. The product is very pigmented so a tiny dab is all you need. It applies with a soft flock applicator that makes it easy to swipe on & blend out. The formula includes fruit fragrance and aloe vera for moisture.