I'm From Mugwort Mask 110g

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The I'M FROM Mugwort Mask is a wash-off mask formulated with top quality mugwort from Ganghwa Country, Korea to calm and soothe irritated, red or trouble skin.

The I'm from Mugwort Mask is a wash off mask to calm and soothe the skin. Containing 2.1% of mugwort, full of vitamins and minerals, it quickly soothes irritation and redness while having a cooling and calming effect. The mild gel formulation contains mugwort powder to regulate the heat of the skin as soon as it touches the skin. Also, as a Korean natural herb, the mugwort is widely known for treatments and detoxing effect. Apply a thick layer of the mask on areas with acne or inflammation. Find instant calming and healing of these skin troubles.

Mugworts are called 'tea tree' in Korea for its soothing and cleansing effect. Korean native herb Mugwort holds a unique scent of Chineol containing vitamins, minerals, and tannins.

[ Main ingredient ]

More about the Main Ingredient 
Korean mugwort is known for its unique scent and antioxidants, full of vitamins and minerals to restore youth and energy as well as for its amazing calming and detoxifying effects, making it excellent for skin care. The I’M FROM Mugwort Mask is designed with a unique gel network with a high concentration of only the top quality mugwort from Ganghwa, Korea. 

[ Recommend for ]
1. Troubled, irritated skin 
2. Agitated, exhausted skin 
3. Rough, red, uneven skin