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FINE 蔬果酵素纤型代餐 的特点:
1. 配合了219 种类的食物及酵素,健康體重管理。
2. 配合了大量膳食纤维9500 mg,令腸道暢通,預防阻塞腸道。
3. 配合了「满腹素材」山茶花提取物粉末100mg丶洋车前子丶葡甘露聚醣,營養代餐。
4. 配合了11 种的维生素丶钙丶镁丶铁,鞏固体質,改善肌膚質素,健康美容。
5. 无需榨汁机丶搅拌机! 只需用手搅拌即可简单地制作营养美味的體重管理代餐,方便有效。
(一)   體重管理代餐:将20克 FINE 蔬果酵素代餐粉加入200毫升温水、牛奶或豆乳,慢慢搅拌,即成为一杯营养美味代餐。每天饮用一次。
(二)   营养饮品:将10克 FINE 蔬果酵素纤餐粉加入100毫升温水、牛奶、豆乳或冰水,慢慢搅拌,即成为一杯营养美味的健康饮品。每天饮用一次或两次。
Contains 9500mg of Dietary Fiber, 11 types of Vitamins and 219 types of Food & Enzymes.
Only 55 kcal per 20g serving.
Taste of mix Vegetables & Fruit Juice.
No blender or shaker required !
All you need to do is just mix this diet smoothie with water. Homemade smoothie is predicted to be the No.1 easy healthy drinks in 2014 by Nikkei Inc. in Japan. However, it is not easy to continue making it. It takes time to prepare different kinds of vegetables and fruits, and use a blender. The good point of this product is that you do not need blender to make it. All you need to do is just to stir it after pour water to it. What’s more, it also combines with the camellia extract powder, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite. It could be used as a diet meal or a nutritious drink to supplement vegetables. 
■camellia extract powder 100mg, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite and makes you feel full. 
■219 kinds of food & enzyme 
■9500mg of dietary fiber
■11 kinds of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron 
■No blender or shaker necessary. Just need to mix it with a spoon. 
[Suggested Use] 
1. As a diet meal 
Mix 20g (2 measuring spoons) of this product with 200ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.
2. As a nutritious drink 
Mix 10g (1 measuring spoon) of this product with 100ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.