Dr. Morita Volcanic Mud Whitening Essence Facial Mask 4pcs/box

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Volcanic Mud (Kaolin) contains trace elements and minerals, which conditions and purifies pores for a fresh even complexion. It moisturizes and repairs the skin, dilutes the dull and brightens up the skin tone. It conditions skin and balance skin moisture level, making sin supple and moisturized.

Featured Ingredients:

Volcanic Mud – contains a rich mix of microelements and minerals, which effectively purify your skin.

Organic Edelweiss – Hydrates and repairs your skin, reducing dullness of the skin and making your skin bright and shiny.

Organic Camomile – soothes, repairs and hydrates your skin, making your skin soft and supple.

Hyaluronic Acid – A super hydrating ingredient which gives a complete and long-lasting effect of locking moisture in the skin, preventing loss of moisture and making your skin hydrated, tightened and elastic.

α-Arbutin: An effective whitening ingredient as announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Republic of China)