Dr. Morita Tranxamic Acid Whitening Mask 4pcs/box

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Dr Morita’s Whitening Essence Facial Mask features a new generation of whitening ingredients - tranexamic acid. Supplemented by the blending of spent acid and licorice extract, it effectively keeps your skin bright & clean. By adding more hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract, collagen and highly moisturizing ingredients, it helps to diminish fine lines, leaving your skin looking bright & supple.

- A whitening & brightening facial sheet mask.

- Uses newly developed invisible Tencel mask & pearl paper for perfect adherence.

- Contains Tranexamic Acid to inhibit formation of melanin & prevent pigmentation.

- Blended with Mandelic Acid to soften old stratum corneum.

- Infused with a complex derived from seven organic botanicals from the Alps.

- Helps improve rough & dull skin.

- Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid to continuously lock in moisture.

- Enhances skin firmness & elasticity.

- Unveils a softer, smoother, clearer, whiter, more luminous & even-toned complexion.