Dr. Morita Snail Repair Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask 5pcs/box

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It contains secretions extracted from garden snails, essence of yeast extract and organic plant extract which are able to effectively boost the generation of skin cells, therefore reducing loss of hyaluronic acid and giving an additional firming and moisturizing effect to your skin. It uses the newly developed invisible Tencel masks and pearl papers that can fit perfectly on your face.

Featured Ingredients: 

Yeast Extract – works to give you supple, firmed and moisturized skin. 

Snail extracts – latest trend in natural skin care! It moisturizes and repairs the skin, and actively helps in promoting skin cells regeneration for a youthful glow!

Organic Buddleja Davidii Plant extracts – effectively reduce the loss of skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, thereby making the skin more supple and moisturized. It also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties and helps in capturing free radicals, which is responsible for aging and tissue damage.

Organic magic grass – the organic plant extracts from the European Alps. Suitable for soothing sensitive skin and has repair efficacy.