Dr. Morita 3D Hydrating Mask 4pcs/box

Brand: Dr. Morita

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- 3 dimensional facial mask that will embrace the contour of the face.

- Containing Japanese Hyaluronic Acid which helps long-lasting moisturizing and Ceramide3 (III) for intensive Hydrating. 

- The Amino Acid and micro essence of Silk Protein helps to smooth fine lines and lifting.

- For firm, moisturizing and rejuvenating look.

Silk protein, hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor, urea, molecular tincture, seaweed. 

Hyaluronic acid - moisturizing factor, sustainable day deep water lock to prevent moisture loss, allowing the skin supple, firm and elastic, and can fade fine lines. 

Molecular tincture - increase hydration function, to lock the water effect. Horny maintain moisture, deep moisturizing, effectively repair dry, dehydrated skin. 

Component contains moisturizing factor - amino acids, lactate, hyaluronic acid and urea, is excellent for moisturizing skin-friendly ingredients. 

Silk Protein - ultra-small molecular characteristics that can be absorbed by the skin, to achieve effective moisturizing, firming skin and smooth fine lines effect.