Dejavu Lasting-fine S Pencil

Brand: Dejavu

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■ Draw the last natural line of one day! ( waterproof )*

-Improved adhesion component weighting
Line depicting the community component Silicon FICSA firmly coats. Panda eyes to prevent sebum, sweat, and tears shed, rub lines not thinner.

 ■ Sultry, sleek and easy-to-draw!*

Adopt a soft core skin gentle and easy to draw. In between eyelashes and eyelash in line inside the lower eyelid can draw at will to moderate hardness just a thicker line.

 ■ Eyes hesitation, though unnatural zero!*

Super ultimate black, Jet Black, the impact is. Until the fix and blur free freely.

 ■ In the usual cleansing easy off! Pigment type*

In the part of the skin pigment type leaves under the dullness.

 ■ Type pencil eyebrow

Always thin line you can draw.