d'Alba Back To Days Clean Balm 50ml

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All in one cleaser!
Luxuriate in this rich formula that gently removes makeup and cleanses your face and eyes in one time. 
‘Black Rice extract’ and other ingredients help protect skin with moisture and pore tightening in fresh. 

Sebum control
Deep cleansing sebum and blackheads, contains ‘Olive oil (23%)’ that clean the insides of the pores

So easy! So clean
Convenience of the narrow shaped applicator. 
Drppingcleanging oil, cleasingbaml directly exposed to the humid bathroom environment. 
Weren’t you concerned about the inconvenient and unpleasant hygienic condition? 
All you need to do is use the applicator which Minimizes the surface of exposure to draw strokes on facial skin.

Suggested Use
1. Lightly moisten face and squeeze a pearl size amount into the palm of the hand. 
2. Lather well and apply to entire face in circular motions. 
3. Rinse off thoroughly.