Canmake Gel Liner Artist 01

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That wonderful texture unique to gel!
● Soft tip with just the right degree of hardness!
The velvety-smooth texture makes it easy to use, even on the delicate skin at the edges of your lids ♥
● It's simple to add an artistic touch even to fine lines with the 2mm diameter tip!

The staying power you only get with gel!
● Once applied,the oil vaporizes on your skin, forming a resilient film that keep your eyeliner looking perfect for hours on end.
● Won't run easily, even at the run-prone edges of your lids!
● Waterproof formulation resistant to sweat, sebum, rubbing, and water.
● Color stays looking gorgeous all day long, even with winged eyeliner looks, which tend to fade easily.

Just a touch is enough ♥
● After applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, add a touch of color on top, just to the outer corners of your lids or your lower lids ♥ This ensures a nonchalantly stylish look that won't look outlandish!
● Just adding a small touch of color makes you look more stylish in an instant ♪
● Of course, it's fine to use it across the whole eyeline too!

A range of shades that go well with your usual make-up ♥
● A range of hues ideal for any occasion, from subdued shades to colors perfect for special events and party make-up ♪

Make-up that cares for your skin
● Contains hyaluronic acid (moisturizing agent)