1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder

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Here's an all-too familiar scenario: Every morning you cleanse, prime and mattify your skin to pore-less,oil-free perfection makeup, but by the time you walk through your office doors, you need another dab of powder --and by midday, your makeup look it melted under the sun with layer of laver of powder on it.
For those of us with oily skin, the problem is not the lack of shine-busting products -- it's the fact that it seem so difficult to find the right oil control powder. But not anymore. Many consumers tested which determined that this oil control products really work with all the skincare essence that was infused in it.


1.Upgraded Lightweight Mineral BasedPowder- Perfect for on the go touch ups:
Specialty formulated lightweight mineral based powder, with soft pearl pigments provides long wearing color that will not darken, transforming excess oil into a natural glow while minimising the appearance of pores.Gives a seamless and feather-light finish even after multiple touch ups.

2.Zero Oil, Sweat Proof, Long wearing:
Super oil absorption, quickly absorbs excess oil and let the skin stay shine-free all day.Sweat and Oil proof.Long wearing formula delivers a fresh, matte look that lasts all day.

3.Specially infused with skincare essence like Chamomile and Dandelions
Chamomile is a fabulous skincare herb and is suitable for all skin types.As it is so strongly anti-inflammatory.It particular suited to sensitive skins that are prove to inflammation. Together with Dandelion extract, it brings the best result to soothe and calm your skin