Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Serum 40ml

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Better Radiance, Younger Skin

See the difference at the moment of application. Compare your skin after 5 days of usage!
Phyto RED Complex
Lycopene & Elagic Acid rich in Red- Colored fruits are the key red element to provide anti-oxidant effect and keep from collagen distructure. Our powerful skin protective Phyto Red Complex will help you get Younger-Looking, Healthy Skin.
The ultimate Solution for timeless beauty
This 1 bottle of Red serum will resolve all the skin concern of females- Whitening, Wrinkle care, Moisturizing, Calming, and Oil controls. It keeps the clearer and even healthier skin for you.
[ Main Ingredients ]
Actives Skin Energy, Improves Skin Radiance, Elasticity, Vitality
Rich Vitamin C,Improves Skin Elasticity Moisturizing Effect
Essential Fatty Acid & Vitamin-Rich Skin Claming & Protecting Moisturizing Effect
Anti-Oxidant,Moisturizing Effect 
Acai Berry
Anti-Oxidant,Improves Skin Tone
Improves skin tone, Relieves Stress
[ Recommended for ]
-Skin with less elasticity experiencing aging
-Skin with less radiance and dull texture
-Skin with less imbalanced oil / moisture level
-Skin with tired looking from stress