Bifesta Cleansing Sheet 46s

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Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Sheet is a pack of Japanese cleansing wipes that exfoliates while removing heavy makeup. The wipes feature extra-large (15cmx20cm), ultra-soft yet durable pre-moistened sheets that effectively yet gently remove long-wearing foundation, heavy eye makeup, environmental debris, and excess sebum in one step. It contain exfoliating lactic acid to gently remove blackheads causing skin cells and vitamin C to address excess melanin production. Reduce friction and leave skin feeling more hydrated after use than previous formula. The skin is left feeling clean and refresed, and looks brighter and more refined.* 
Suitable for combination skin.


Mandom Corp Bifesta Cleansing Sheet (Moist) allows essences to sink into skin while deeply removing make-up and cleansing face. Beauty liquid is added to the sheet which made with super-extra fine fiber. It gives special care to your skin while cleaning.
- Removes makeup thoroughly without additional cleansing.
- Simply wipe to remove makeup & get ready for bed as soon as possible.
- No sticky feeling after use.
- Replacement for morning cleansing right at your bedside.
- Removes sunblock on bare skin.
Suitable for Normal and Dry Skin.