1028 Blusher Brush Me (01 Pink)

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Among girls, there is a relationship called besties. Always stay in your little circle; she is always the one you want to share with, sharing the story with ‘him’ without holding back. Girls are the most beautiful when they are in love, with a little bit shy, cannot hide your increasing ‘love index’. Your cheek always blushing, she will definitely know you are in a relationship, because she understands you most. #BFF
1. Photo-inductive powder
Delicate blush red powder, soften and polish your cheek, with the photo-induction technology can create the natural apple muscle, you can always as beautiful as a girl in a relationship.
2. Long lasting and sharp color
The brand new moisturizing, long lasting and sharp coloring formulation, with one gentle brush it can perfectly fit your skin, long lasting and with a natural blush red color.
3. Rotating axis brush hair
The brush is completely combined with the blush. You can just rotate the brush, and it will automatically dip some powder.